Love & Inspiration: Girls Compete, Women Empower

Girls Compete, Women Empower

Girls Compete, Women Empower

Competition can be fierce among females (I’m not saying that it doesn’t affect men but for the sake of this post that’s who I’m talking too and about).  Most are out to be better than the next and will do anything to be #1.  It doesn’t matter who they hurt, step on or destroy the motive is uplifting one’s self.

The flippant sayings of “Oh she’s only hot because she’s light skinned” or “she only got that position because she knows the owner” are all too real…but why does this happen?  Why can’t we celebrate one another’s accomplishments?  Be happy that there are women who are leading and being a light to our younger generation?  The answer to that is because it is those who are still “girls” or have a young mentality that perpetuates these things.

Women don’t do that. Point. Blank. PERIOD.

Women relish in celebrating other people’s accomplishments.  They support those who are out their chasing their dreams.  The reason is because they are out there doing the same thing.  They don’t have time to compete with the next woman or sit back and gossip.  Women want to see other women be successful and they empower them to do so.  This empowerment comes from a maturity, a strong sense of self-confidence and knowing exactly who they are and what they were placed on this earth to do.  I love those who do that and I’m motivated when I’m surrounded by them.

I’ve learned that I don’t have to compete with a single soul on this earth.  I’m placed here on purpose and that purpose is unique to who I am.  So the next time you find yourself in competition with another woman remember…girls compete, women empower!

xoxo B